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Q. Do other CV writers write CVs every day?
A. Some do, yes. It really boils down to what company they work for, and what the demand is for their services.

Q. Have you are always in demand for your CV writing services?
A. It seems like I have been in constant demand for an eternity. However, strictly speaking that isn’t quite correct, because in the early days it was more like a trickle of enquiries rather than a torrent – although that did change, and at times I’ve been inundated with work.

Q. Do clients come back to you again?
A. CV writing isn’t quite like your favourite shop or restaurant, so it’s not the type of thing where customers will come back to you every week, even if they love what you do. When clients come to us they tend to have a specific goal in mind, such as a particular job. Once we help them achieve that goal they don’t really need us again until the next time they look for another job, which may be years down the line. At the same time, it doesn’t mean to say that clients don’t come back to us, many of them do, and again and again. It’s just that the intervals tend to be months or years, rather than weeks.

Q. How do you feel when clients come back to you again?
A. It’s great. Usually when it happens they start off by saying something along the lines of ‘thanks to your CV I got this great job, but now I’m looking to move up the career ladder yet further so can you please help….’

Receiving comments like that goes a long way to giving us a job satisfaction, and keeps us very motivated to do our best for clients.

It’s also interesting to see the career progression of clients over the years. For example, it is rewarding to see someone now applying for director jobs years after you originally help them move the first few rungs up the career ladder.

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