Interview continued…

Q. Are there enough hours in the day for all that?
A. Not really! There’s always something that needs doing, and I have a seemingly never-ending ‘ to-do list.’

Q. Do you work long hours?
A. Yes, unfortunately. I tend to work very long hours. In fact, I think that some clients must get a surprise when they e-mail me at 11 PM and get a reply at 11.05 PM.
I should stress at this point that I’m not always in front of my computer at 11 PM. Thankfully I don’t quite work 24 hours a day – it just seems like it sometimes!

Q. Is that typical of most CV writers?
A. No, I wouldn’t say so. I think most professional CV writers work shorter and better hours than I do. It’s just that we always seem to be in demand, there is always something for me to do, and like you said there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to fit everything in.

Q. Do you write CVs every day?
A. I used to, and I’ve lost count of how many professional CVs I have written over the years. However, these days I don’t write CVs every single day. As mentioned, I have other things to be getting on with in addition to the CV writing, and I do schedule things to ensure that things get done by deadlines. Sometimes this means delegating some CV writing work that was initially marked for me to my colleagues while I get on with other tasks.

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