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What usually happens

You may be surprised to hear this but…
….when people order CVs most CV companies just take your information, tweak the wording and put it in a more presentable format. Frequently, what you get back from most CV companies is effectively the same old CV, just spruced up!

Why does this happen?

This happens for two main reasons. Firstly, it’s much quicker and easier for the writer to just tweak something and squeeze it into their predetermined format than it is for them to actually take the time to examine the candidate’s circumstances, the CV, and the target job properly, then analyse things and think about, and execute, the best strategy to help the client achieve his/her goals.

Secondly, even if the company/writer thought about such things, in many cases they tend to lack the knowledge, the experience or the writing skills to do it properly.

Are tweaks enough?


No matter how good you think your CV is at the moment, if you really want the best results (and you should) then in our long experience we usually find that you need to go way beyond mere superficial tinkering and improve your CV on all fronts to achieve the best results – even if it means writing it again completely from scratch.

This involves going way beyond just improving how your CV looks, but also drilling deep down into the heart of your CV; strategising, and building up not just any old message, but the right message. Even then, just having the right message isn’t enough. To make employers sit up and take notice you then need to develop, channel and deliver this as an actual sales message – and in a carefully planned and very targeted manner.

All of this takes lots more time and effort than most firms are prepared to put in, and it also takes a lot more experience, creativity and writing talent than most typical CV writers show themselves capable of.

Quality versus time and cost

Time is effectively money. This is one reason why some companies cut corners and compromise on the time spent on each CV.

We, on the other hand, are quality-orientated and work on the basis that quite simply it’s impossible to create a top quality CV by taking shortcuts. We do therefore tend to spend more time on CVs than other companies do. Moreover, we are honest and upfront about this even though it does sometimes lead to lost orders (as some people do think that if they order a quick turnaround CV elsewhere then it will be the same as one of our CVs – it won’t, but some people think this nevertheless).

Similarly, some people are under the misapprehension that they will get the same quality CV no matter which company they go to. However, nothing could be further from the truth.

Yes, there are budget firms, with budget writers. However, you get what you pay for.

The best writers don’t come cheap, and at CV Succeed we are confident that we have the best writers in the business. In addition to natural writing talent, our consultants also spend additional time understanding your requirements, planning the best strategy for you and working meticulously; helping you achieve your career goals.

The CV Succeed way

In summary, if we thought that just tweaking your original CV would give you the best possible chance of landing good, better paid, competitive jobs then we would just do the same as other companies and tweak it. After all, it is far quicker, much easier, and would save us thousands of hours of work every year.

Similarly, if we thought that quality CVs could be written in half the time then we wouldn’t spend hundreds of extra hours every year poring over client CVs to make sure that everything is as it should be.

In a similar vein, we could employ average writers instead of the best ones and save ourselves some money. However, that wouldn’t just compromise on quality, it would make the attainment of our level of quality pretty much impossible.

Ultimately, our aim is helping you succeed –and everything we do is geared towards that.

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