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Q. Do all clients want to climb the career ladder?
A. Most do, and we are geared to helping them do that. At the same time, plenty of people also want to downsize somewhat, and take a backward step down the career ladder with the job that fits in with their lifestyle more and gives them a better work-life balance. We also help such clients.

Q. Is it easier to write those kind of CVs?
A. No. If anything it’s probably harder. There are more considerations at play, and amongst other things you not only have to convince the potential employer that the candidate would be ideal for the job, but that they would also be fine with a downward move. This is one reason why lateral thinking and creative writing skills come into play when writing effective CVs.

Q. Have you ever turned work down?
A. I don’t like to, and especially since my job is all about helping people improve their job prospects, but on occasion I have had it turn work down, yes.

Q. Why?
A. The main reason why we sometimes turn work is because of timescales. Some people call us at 4 PM and ask us if we can rewrite their CV from scratch by 5 PM. It sounds crazy I know, but a lot of people just don’t appreciate that quality does take time, and also that due to our reputation, we always have a waiting list anyway.

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