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Redundancy Package CVs

Making staff redundant is never easy, and is frequently a difficult time for both staff and employees. However, we have an excellent record of quickly helping people back into work, so if you are an employer who is thinking of making someone redundant, or is someone who has just been made redundant, then we can help you and your staff – and like no one else.

Over the years we have helped a great many people do have been made redundant, both in terms of helping individuals get back into work and climb the career ladder, and also helping companies offer their staff a top quality redundancy package to give their staff the best possible opportunity to get back into work quickly.

In addition to the best CV redundant staff can get anywhere, we also offer help with cover letters, LinkedIn profiles and job interview preparation.

Moreover, if you are a company and are making several, or even numerous staff redundant then we do offer discounts on our redundancy packages, and can tailor the packages to suit you, your staff and your circumstances.

We also offer redundancy packages for boards, and in the past we have helped many executives including board directors of specialist career sector organisations improve their job prospects. Moreover, we can provide a VAT invoice for those companies wishing to offset our services against tax

In the first instance please contact us with your query, and we will be happy to give you a free, no obligation quotation.

We look forward to being of assistance to you and your staff.

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