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Everyone knows you need a good CV to get a job, but what some people forget is that the better your CV, the better your job prospects, and the quicker you can move up the career ladder.

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Succeeding With a CV

Whilst some clients have told us that they have secured good jobs on the basis of our CV alone, this is relatively rare, because most employers usually want to meet you at interview too, before they decide to take you on.

Even so, the importance of your CV in the job application process should not be underestimated; it is the linchpin upon which everything else depends. A top quality CV can alert the employer to your worth, whereas on the other side of the coin, a poor, average or even decent CV can have the opposite effect. You should remember that employers receive many applications for good jobs, and usually the competition is both strong and plentiful. If you want to stand out from the crowd therefore, a top quality CV is not only recommended, but it is also pretty much essential.

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