Top 10 Cover Letter Tips

1> Make sure the presentation is right. Your cover letter should look the part if it is to entice the employer into reading it.
2> Ensure it is legible and a good length (preferably just one page and no longer)
3> Include the fundamentals, but take a flexible approach and adapt depending on the job and circumstances if need be.
4> Write your cover letter with the employer in mind.
5> Optimise it for the job.
6> If you include keywords make sure that you do so naturally, not artificially.
7> Sell yourself but don’t try to overdo things or overcomplicate matters.
8> Remember that it is a cover letter! It isn’t a CV nor is it a substitute for a CV.
9> If you are sending a printed version of your cover letter use good quality paper and black ink.
10>If in doubt get professional help


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