Tutorial 4: What to Include in a Cover Letter

So what should a cover letter include?

At its most basic level a cover letter normally includes the following…

- Your name and contact details are conventional, and are worth including.
- A reference to your CV if you have attached one.
- You should also include a salutation, and tweak it depending upon whom you are addressing.
- It is also conventional to mention the job you are applying for, and where the job was advertised.
- Include the job reference number if there is one.
- Details of your suitability and qualifications/experience/expertise in the area.

You can actually go beyond this and include other things such as your reasons for applying to the job, details of your current situation, and a variety of other things. Sometimes it is worth including additional information, whereas sometimes it is actually counter-productive. You need to take a flexible approach and work with the job and employer in mind if you want the best results.

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