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The ultimate goal of CVs (landing better jobs) hasn’t changed, it’s just that now there are newer and far more effective ways of achieving it.

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(or lack of it!)
Until relatively recently there had been no significant developments in the art and science that is CV writing for decades. Whilst the world has been turning and pretty much everything else has been developing, most CV companies have been just treading water, using the same flawed, tired and outdated techniques – and for years on end.

The art and science that is CV writing

We mention ‘art and science’ that is CV writing. This is significant because the vast majority of people, including many professional CV writers, and most CV companies come to that, do not see it as such. Most people see curriculum vitae writing as little more than listing down on paper what you have done throughout your career, and in particular your education and work experience. Many people list this information quite haphazardly and without much aforethought. Even some CV companies tend to list this information by pretty much filling in the blanks on a template; little wonder then that some CVs come across as very matter-of-fact, uninspiring and frequently not fit-for-purpose – or at least in the eyes of many target employers.

Somewhat paradoxically, many CV companies – let alone professional writers – don’t seem to understand the true purpose of a CV – or at least if they do then they don’t seem to do much about it.

The true purpose of a CV is not to list your career history, but to help you land an interview for your target job.

That is quite a difference, and bog standard CV writing is not particularly conducive to helping you achieve that goal; which is where the art than science comes into the equation – or at least it should do if you want the best results!

The best CVs have method in the making, with a definite structure and logic working to achieve the goal of helping you land an interview. This just doesn’t happen with traditional CV writing (which tends to be more passive and documentary in nature, rather than proactive). However, our specially developed CV writing methods have their roots in sales and marketing, and are designed to help you create, channel and deliver a more powerful and higher-impact sales message than is typically achieved with traditional CV writing. The way we work is very painstaking, meticulous and detail orientated, but it needs to be if you want the best results.

That’s the science part of things. The art side of things related to the need for flexibility, original thinking and creativity – as well as, of course, a wonderful way with words. All of our consultants are talented creative writers. This in itself is quite a rare commodity, but when you combine it with experience, and the ability to work methodically and painstakingly; creating top quality CVs to help clients achieve their goals then these combined attributes are rarer still. And this is one reason why our small team is still small! Please feel free to check out more information about our writers.

Please also feel free to check out more about what we look for in our writers.

Making progress for you

Over the years we have helped many of your competitors, in all sectors and at all levels. We have done this by developing and implementing our own pioneering CV writing methods that gets better results than traditional/conventional methods.

We have helped many of your competitors progress in their careers, and we can help you too.

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