What People Say

I didn’t realise there was so much to what you do. Thanks for the eye-opening opportunity, but it’s not for me.

HB, applicant (& writer for another CV firm)

We would love to find another talented writer but…

…we should be upfront and say that we are extremely fussy, and only take on the very best.

We do appreciate that even if you have prior professional CV writing experience, you won’t be able to write CVs to our standard from day one, but if you have real potential and genuine talent we can develop you into one of the very top UK CV writers.

If you think you have what it takes please send us your CV and say why you’d like to join us.

You can click the button to apply now. That said, more information and some frequently asked questions are below, and we’d recommend that you read that before applying.

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What does the process involve?

In the first instance we will invite you to send your CV together with details about any CV writing experience that you have.

Do I need prior CV writing experience?


Is prior CV writing experience an advantage?

It is something that you should inform us about, but it is not necessarily advantageous. In fact, in some instances with certain candidates previous experience can be disadvantageous as some applicants seem so inflexible and fixed in their ways that they tend not to consider what we are looking for, and instead just regurgitate old and outdated techniques that they learned elsewhere.

Being able to write to typical CV writing methods is not what we are looking for – pretty much anyone can do that as conventional CV writing is not particularly difficult. What we look for are candidates who have the potential to go beyond the average, and create truly powerful CVs that say a lot more than they ever managed to do previously – but in fewer words.

If you have already worked for other CV companies you will not be used to these methods, and they are more demanding, but at least you will have had some other experience that is valuable, such as working with clients and (hopefully) building up client rapports and offering customer service excellence. If you have experience in areas such as this it is worth telling us.

Is there anything you look for in particular?

We think qualifications are a good sign, and it is no coincidence that our consultants are well qualified. For some reason the ability to speak other languages seems to be a common trait, although not all of our consultants are bilingual, and it is more of an observation than a prerequisite.

Of course, one of the main things we look for is writing ability, and as we mention we are fussy! So you can expect your writing to be scrutinised right from the very onset. This includes your cover letter or initial e-mail.

Have you ever discounted clients from their initial e-mail/cover letter alone?

Yes. Quite often in fact.

If a candidate is either too lazy to, or unable to write a polished and error-free e-mail or cover letter then they are not the candidate for us.

Will I be tested?

Yes, and no!

Some applicants are rejected even before being invited to take a test (for example please see the above point).

If your initial enquiry ticks all the right boxes then we will invite you to take a test (or usually tests – plural). Some people are surprised by this, and especially applicants who have worked with other professional CV companies. However, to reiterate – we are fussy!

What does the test involve?

The test primarily involves writing, and especially your ability to go beyond the standard, and write more powerfully using fewer words. At the same time, we also take other things into consideration such as your ability to take on board instructions and use your initiative.

Do many people pass the tests?

No, it is extremely rare for anyone to get pass the tests.

What do people tend to struggle with the most?

The vast majority of people struggle with the writing aspect. Indeed, we actually changed our test a few years ago to make it easier because almost everyone found the initial test too difficult (apart from the few talented writers who are now part of our team).

Most people struggle to make the transition between standard and standout entries, and whilst some candidates do make some improvements, the vast majority of applicants usually don’t make anywhere near the dramatic improvements we are looking for in terms of changing typical entries into something far more proactive that would – in a real life situation – get discerning employers to sit up and take notice.

Other issues include not reading the instructions properly, not using initiative, including errors (and not just grammar and spelling), resorting to shorthand, and failing to consider the logic of what they are writing.

All of these things are problematic, and if a writer struggles with one of them; it is unlikely that he/she will be able to write CVs at the highest level.

As it happens most applicants struggle with most of these things, not just one.

But we live in hope!

So if you think you can do better than the other candidates please feel free to get in touch.