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Competition raises another notch when it reaches managerial level. Fortunately for you, we can improve your CV several notches further still!

Not just any professional manager CV service!

We are no typical professional CV company, and your CV will be no typical CV!
Fortunately for you, we can help you, and like no other company.

Your competition

These days competition for jobs at any level is fierce. Indeed, the higher you wish to climb up the career ladder, the tougher the competition, and the harder you need to work to impress potential employers.

If you want good, well paid management jobs then you need your CV to shine, and stand out head
and shoulders above the competition.

This is a lot easier said than done, and especially since at senior level you can expect to be competing against experienced managers with good qualifications and plenty to shout about.

Standing out

Given the level of competition at managerial level it isn’t easy to stand out from the crowd. However, it is by no means impossible.

Firstly, it is worth noting that whilst many managers and senior managers apply for jobs with professionally written CV these days this does not apply across the board, and some managers (and even some senior managers) still apply for competitive, well-paid jobs with run-of-the-mill DIY CVs. Obviously, this is entirely their right, at the same time it does give those other managers who choose to invest in a better CV a real and distinct advantage. Make no mistake, top quality professional CVs can (and usually do) make a significant difference to your job applications, and a well written CV from a talented and experienced professional can turn the stalest curriculum vitae into a sparkling job winning document.

Just good?

Significantly, at managerial level, ‘good’ just doesn’t cut it these days. Most of your competitors’ DIY CVs will be decent, and depending on which CV company you go to, most of your competitors’
professional CVs will be good, or even very good.

If you really want the best results, then you need to go beyond this and apply with a truly top
quality, standout CV. These are few and far between, and the main reason for this is that they are not only far harder to write, but additionally, only the best writers have the talent and experience to write them.

Standing out over and above other professional manager CVs

Pretty much all professional CV companies (apart from one!) work to old-fashioned, flawed and
dated CV writing methodologies. And if you have written your own DIY CV, then no doubt you did this too. Consequently, the vast majority of manager CVs (even professional manager CVs) look fairly similar, and say the same sort of things. Not only this, but the way they say these things tend to be more passive than proactive, and more pipsqueak than powerful.

One reason why managers and senior managers come to us from all around the world is that, quite
uniquely, we use newer, more radical and ultimately more effective CV writing methods which are tried to and tested to achieve better results in the competitive managerial job market.

If you would like our help then your CV will be based on real sales and marketing principles, which generally means that your CV will say more in fewer words. Not only that, but it will say more of the right things, in a more powerful, higher-impact manner. Indeed, we can usually say more in one standout page than most of your competitors will say in two, three or four pages. Admittedly, this does sound unlikely, and it isn’t easy – but if it was easier then everyone would be doing it, and it is actually to your advantage that it is difficult, because one thing for sure is that if you apply for jobs using one of our CVs then unless another one of our clients is applying for exactly the same job you will be the only one applying with a stand out, fully optimised, high-impact CV that is centred on sales and marketing principles rather than outdated and old hat techniques.

Who do we help?

We help management and senior management professionals both in the UK and internationally including account managers, project managers, sales managers, office managers and a broad range of senior professionals in a variety of sectors including administration, IT, construction, civil service,legal, HR, recruitment, finance, banking, retail and much more…

Can you help me?

Certainly- we would be more than happy to help you too.

Further help:

If you would like a free, no obligation review of your CV then please click here for details. Alternatively, managers please click here for more details pertaining to our professional manager CV writing service, and senior managers please click for our senior manager service.

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