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Not everything is as it seems when it comes to templates – so be careful!

Graduate CV templates and examples

Some students and graduates use CV templates and examples when it comes to creating their own DIY CV.

This is entirely their prerogative, however it isn’t the best way forward, and it usually shows. Significantly, graduate employers can usually quickly and easily spot good quality CVs from those which are simply copied or tweaked from templates and examples.

This isn’t so surprising since many CV examples and templates have been doing the rounds for years. Moreover, quite paradoxically, many CV templates and examples are poor quality to begin with, and those students and graduates who copy them frequently (and unwittingly) do their career prospects more harm than good.

Why is this an important revelation?
This is an extremely important point because graduate jobs are extremely competitive, and if you are serious about securing a good graduate job then you need the best possible CV, not a substandard or even an average DIY one.

A better alternative
A far better alternative to tweaked bog standard general CV templates/examples is something which is original and based around you, your circumstances, your own target, and your own individual goals.

Original and specifically tailored CVs are proven to achieve better results in the job market than the alternative of templates/examples – which are frequently viewed by employers as not only inferior, but also lazy.

Your dilemma
It’s not really a dilemma as such, because if you are serious about your career prospects than really it should be a no-brainer. However, when it comes to applying for graduate jobs you have a clear choice between;

1> spending a few minutes tweaking CV templates/examples and creating something fairly general and bog standard.

2> using your own initiative, brainpower and creativity to write something more original that is focused more on your target job.

Of the two options, the second will undoubtedly take more time, thought and effort. At the same time, it should also deliver better results.

Improving your odds
If you would like to improve your odds yet further, then you also have another option of having a specialist writer create your CV for you.

Again, there is no doubt that if you choose the right CV consultant then this can dramatically boost your job prospects in the graduate career market.

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