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Q. So why do some clients ask for changes?
A. I think a lot of the time it isn’t down to them personally, but to well-meaning friends and so-called “advisors.”
As mentioned, if a CV wasn’t working originally there is usually a good reason for that, and we need to make changes. Usually these changes are quite radical. Additionally, our methods are newer and more radical than bog standard CV methodology. Consequently, not everybody is used to seeing a high impact compact CV. Indeed, most people are far more familiar with the usual long, passive and historical CVs.

Sometimes what happens is a client will show their CV to a friend or recruiter who doesn’t understand CVs, and doesn’t understand the difference between high impact proactive CVs and passive traditional ones. When this happens the tendency is for the ‘advisor’ to nitpick based on their preconceptions of what a CV should look like, rather than judge the CV as a real employer would.

In most cases like this the well-meaning ‘advisor’ advises the client to refer to their original CV – even though it wasn’t working, and for good reason!

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Paul , top UK CV specialist, head of leading firm CV Succeed, and author of the most pioneering CV book in decades, The One Page CV (published by top career sector publishers Pearson Education).

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