Cover Letter Quiz Time!

Okay, the moment has come, people! It’s time to suit up, boot up, and take on our cover letter quiz! . . . Ties are optional.

The following twenty questions cover the bases of what’s involved in cover letter writing; answer them correctly and you’ll be considered a demigod by your peers, and feared by fellow job-hunters the world over; answer them incorrectly and you’ll face a lifetime of ridicule, contempt and a probable future in reality TV shows. Oh, and definitely no job.

Some of the questions posed are ludicrously difficult and may require weeks of head-scratching and contemplation. Others, not so much. Either way, be consoled by the fact that esteemed scholars the world over have been there, done that, and share your pain. You’re not alone.

Anyway, to the quiz, I hear you cry! Take your time, have some fun, and hopefully you’ll come out the other side with a new found love for cover letters. If that’s pushing things, you should at the very least emerge with a new found appreciation and understanding of what’s required. Enjoy!

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