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No ordinary CV company

We are not a typical CV writing company. This page should give you more insight into just why.

The myth

Firstly, it is a common misconception that all CV writing companies are the same. However, nothing could be further from the truth, and just as in other sectors/industries companies vary considerably in what they offer, what they can (or can’t) do and how they go about it.

The reality

The reality varies depending upon the company, but at the bottom end of the scale some companies do little more than fill in the blanks on a template and churn out CVs ten to the dozen whereas at the other end of the scale the very best companies to work on an individual and basis, taking their time, writing creatively and with the client and the target job/employer in mind.

The vast majority of curriculum vitae writing companies fall in between these two extremities, which is one reason why the CVs of a large proportion of CV firms are very similar, and get similar results.

How we differ

There are various reasons why we are different to all other CV companies.

We differ for good reason

Once upon a time we used to do things in a typical manner, much in the same way as the vast majority of other companies. However, our founder and head writer, Paul, was not convinced that traditional CV writing methodology was as good as most CV companies make it out to be. As such he conducted research and tests and slowly but surely developed our pioneering CV writing techniques that we still use today. These special techniques are chronicled in Paul’s book, ‘The One Page CV. ‘

Why did we go to such trouble?

While it was a lot of effort, and while it did take a long time, we certainly don’t class it as trouble. On the contrary, our whole ethos, right from day one has been to help our clients as much as possible. The long and painstaking path towards developing new methods that reaped better results in the job market clients for us was a natural progression given our ethos.

Different for the sake of being different?

Yes, we are different, but we are not different just for the sake of being different. On the contrary, if the way other companies worked produced the best results in the job market we would write in exactly the same manner as everyone else. This is especially so since traditional CV writing is much quicker and easier to work to than our methods that have their roots in sales and marketing principles and involve saying more but with fewer words – meticulously honing, substantiating and optimising your sales message over and above the more general, mixed and passive messages that other companies generally produce.

What else makes you different?

Special guarantee

Our unique guarantee for starters. We guarantee to improve upon any CV written by any other CV company, anywhere in the world, and at any price.

No company can (and does) guarantee to improve upon our CVs.
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Special writers
We are extremely fussy about who we employ, and only take on the cream of the crop of top CV writing talent. Our recruitment policy is the most stringent in the sector, and we believe our small team of specialists is second to none.

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More details

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