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There are various reasons to write a thank you letter, there are fewer reasons to not write one!

Why do people do it?

There are a few main reasons; the first is simply out of sheer politeness. After all, if the employer has taken the time to arrange to meet you (and in some cases pay for your attendance), then it is only civil to respond appreciatively.

Secondly, some people like to write a thank you letter just to keep themselves in the employer’s mind. In other words, the letter is just a gentle little reminder that they are there, and they are keen.

Thirdly, some people write a thank you letter to try to give themselves an edge over their competitors. Remember, not all of your competitors will be writing thank you letters, and its tiny attention to detail like this that could make a difference when the job decision is tight. Of course, this depends upon the quality of your thank you letter; and a well-written thank you letter can boost your odds, whereas an ill thought out thank you letter could even harm your chances.

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