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Just some of the traits clients regularly attribute to us.

What we need to create your top quality professional CV

While we can (and do) make suggestions of our own and make numerous additions to your CV, the fact remains that we still need raw material from you – and especially since only you know exactly what you have done, what you have achieved, and what job you now want to target.

Once you place your order therefore you will be asked to send the following;

  • Your original CV (if you have one)
  • Details of the job you are targeting (or job area if you don’t have a specific job in mind)
  • A job specification if you are targeting something specific and have more precise details
  • Anything that isn’t mentioned on your current CV that is relevant – for example, not everyone’s CV is up-to-date, and some clients need to bring us up to speed with their latest job (or jobs), projects, relevant professional training etc.
  • Anything else that you consider pertinent

Will we use everything?

Probably not. A big mistake that many people make on their CV is too include as much information as possible and overcomplicate things, whereas it is more effective to be selective about what you include. The best curriculum vitae writers know what to leave out, as well as what to include. Your consultant is vastly experienced and he/she will know what is best to retain or omit, and you can leave that to him/her. At the same time, it’s best to give us too much information, rather than not enough. So if in doubt, please just send us what you think is relevant.

What is the best way to provide information?

We have been doing this for years and know from vast experience that the best way to provide your information is by e-mail. E-mail is quick, easy and very reliable. Significantly, we then have everything in black-and-white and we can then examine and digest this at our own pace. If we have any queries, we can highlight these clearly, and if we need any more information we can tell you exactly what we need in simple and straightforward terms by referring directly to your original documents and/or notes.

Some people do prefer to deliver some of their information on the telephone, and if you do want to do that then this is possible but please just let us know when you order and we can arrange a call. At the same time, please just be aware that telephone calls usually take a lot longer, things get missed, and it is usually a lot less reliable and accurate than e-mail. Indeed, it is not uncommon for someone to spend one hour on the telephone without telling us a single bit of new/additional information. In the vast majority of cases people who call with information rarely tell us anything that wasn’t already on their original CV, that could not be derived from the job specification, or which could not have just been jotted down in an e-mail in a matter of minutes.

Ultimately, it is up to you if you prefer telephone or e-mail – but if you want the information you provide to be accurate/reliable and you don’t want to spend considerable time doing this then the best method is undoubtedly e-mail.

What if I don’t have a CV?

Not everyone who comes to us has a CV originally. This may be for a number of reasons, and not just the fact that some of our clients are first-time job applicants. For example, some people may have been out of the job market for so long that their previous CV is now completely irrelevant if not lost. Another example is business professionals who previously didn’t need a CV as they were self-employed. Similarly, some people don’t have a CV because they got all their previous jobs by networking or by word-of-mouth recommendations.

Whatever the reason, if you don’t currently have a CV then that is not a problem, we are used to creating brand-new CVs from scratch. Indeed, even if you already do have a CV we will almost certainly create your CV from scratch anyway. The main reason for this is that typical edit/updates are never enough if you want the best results. Most people’s original CVs are flawed on numerous areas/levels and there is little value in trying to patch over something so unsound. On the contrary, we find it best to start again, and do the job properly – bottom-up.

Yes, this does take more time and effort, but we go to this extra trouble for you because you will get a better CV at the end of it.

If I don’t have a CV what information do you need from me?

If you do not currently have a CV then initially it would be helpful if you could provide details of;

  • Your name, address etc
  • Your qualifications
  • Your work experience
  • Any professional memberships/affiliations
  • Any professional training

Please include dates and names of companies, organisations and institutions where possible.

When it comes to dates we don’t need to know months – just the years will suffice.

There is also no need for you to worry about the profile section, or skills key competencies because we will do all that for you.

What we are really looking for at this stage is just more information about you and what you have been doing career-wise, as well as where and when.

A key point here is that we are also looking for relevant experience. So for example if you are currently targeting a job as a bank manager it is best if you concentrate on your banking work experience, achievements and relevant professional training. Yes, you could also mention older work, but if it isn’t related to your target (banking in this case) then you can keep these notes brief as the best CVs concentrate on relevant experience, rather than over-elaborating on details that are out of date or no longer relevant.

If we need any more information once your consultant has examined the details then he/she will let you know. At the same time, it would be very exceptional if we prompt you for more information about something that is not really relevant to your target.

Do you need anything else?

Possibly, probably even.
We frequently prompt clients for more information if we think it will strengthen their CV (which it usually does). However, without seeing your initial information it is impossible to see just what else we will need. However, your friendly and experienced consultant will be happy to advise and guide you once he/she has examined your initial information.

Can I ask any questions?

Certainly! It is a two-way process, and we actively encourage clients to let us know if they have any questions, queries or concerns. Moreover, you are very welcome to do this at any point throughout the process from pre-ordering right through to our free after sales service.

Any other questions?

Yes, it would be helpful if you could let us know up front if you have a preference for a particular length CV. If you are unsure then we recommend that you leave the decision of your consultant. Alternatively, if you wish to decide for yourself then at the very least we recommend that you read this page which relates to choosing the best CV length.

Do I need anything else?

Strictly speaking no, although your patience would be appreciated!
Anything of quality inevitably does take time, and this also applies when it comes to writing CVs.
If you have a particular deadline, then we can work to deadlines, but if you do not have a definite pressing deadline then it is helpful if you could let us work at our own pace on your behalf. We are always in demand, and as a result of this we always have a sizeable waiting list. Even so, we do try to send out CVs to clients in a timely manner – usually within 15 working days (or sooner if you ordered our priority service).

E-mailing us

If you e-mail us we will reply, but we can’t always reply immediately. However, in the vast majority of cases you should get a response within 24 hours on weekdays. We also recommend that clients add our e-mail address to their safe sender’s list.

Next step

If you haven’t already ordered then the next step would be to place your order. You can do this either by telephone or directly online. If you have already ordered, but haven’t sent us any information yet, then please read through the above and send us what you feel is appropriate. We will then examine this and advise you.

We look forward to being of assistance.

The CV Succeed Team

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