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Your CV needs to shine above those of all your competitors if you want to land your ideal job. If you trust your ability to write a fantastic DIY CV then great – but if not we can help you.

Do It Yourself CVs

Effectively, a DIY CV is a CV which you write yourself.
There is nothing wrong with writing your own CV, and many people in the UK and abroad do exactly that. If you are thinking of writing your own CV then just be aware that there are many pitfalls that people don’t think about, so before you jump in headfirst it would be worth looking at our example, and also reading more about CV writing.

Another thing you should consider is that just because you will write your own CV it doesn’t mean to say that your competitors won’t engage a professional writer to do it for them. Some people are surprised to find out that many thousands of job seekers each year look to gain the edge over their competitors by having their CVs written by top professionals – why? – Because it works, and results can improve dramatically.

our cv writing tutorials

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