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We look for good qualifications in a writer as well as that elusive commodity – talent!

CV Succeed

Well Qualified

Remember what we said about being fussy? We weren’t joking.

For starters, many companies have no qualification requirements for new writers… But we’re not like most companies.

We don’t accept just anyone that sends in an application.

All of our writers are qualified to at least degree level or master’s degrees. Not only that, they’re highly experienced in a variety of industries, and several have played the part of hiring manager at large organisations.

Of course, all the qualifications in the world are no guarantee of writing talent. That’s why we vet our applicants thoroughly, putting them through rigorous tests (the vast majority don’t get past the first) and selecting only the very best.

Notably, of applicants include the likes of experienced writers with creative writing degrees and masters degrees. Like everyone else, these applicants are put through their paces, and tend to find that there is more to CV writing than they previously realised.

For the sake of our customers we need to be fussy – so we are just that.


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