What We Say

If you want a more appealing website that gets your message across then you don’t just need any old content, or any old writer for that matter!

Website Help

Essentially we are CV specialists. However, one member of our team, Paul, also has lots of experience in IT, and particularly when it comes to writing for the web. Over the years he has helped numerous companies and individuals dramatically improve their web content. Typical benefits include better user experience, stronger message impact and ultimately improved conversions. By-product benefits include increased referrals, improved search engine positioning, and more hits/traffic.

Paul doesn’t get involved with technical aspects (although he can arrange this with the developers we use if you want). However, if you want your website to be more appealing/engaging and send out a stronger, more powerful message, then Paul can help you achieve just that. He can also advise on the design – just as he did with this website.

In the first instance please just contact us with your requirements. Paul is very much in demand for CV work, but he does enjoy creative web projects, and is happy to take on one or two web content projects a year, so if he can help you he will.