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Comment goes Suda - CV Appraisal I have examined your CV and listed findings below. Firstly, please feel free to check out my credentials by clicking here. (If you did not speak to them on the telephone it may be an idea to just mention something like) I am a firm believer in the adage that honesty is the best policy when it comes to appraisals. If not I am not doing you any favours. With this in mind... _________________________________________________________________________ First impressions (we can automate some of this to make it quicker than writing. What I have in mind is some checkboxes that you just tick in admin, and then it generates this first impressions text automatically depending on what you tick) First impressions are very important with CVs. In your case your CV - is too long - is too cluttered - is not enticing to read - is quite old school As such your CV doesn\\\'t really stand out from the crowd, and doesn\\\'t give the best first impressions. _________________________________________________________________________ Content Content of the most important part of your CV, and has a far greater bearing on the employer\\\'s decision making than the look and presentation of your CV. In your case your content has pros and cons. On the positive side it - includes achievements - is detailed - is consistent - is focused - sells your skills - proactive On the negative side it - is overcomplicated - is sending out mixed messages - is not focused - is on the basic side - is not selling you effectively - good - consistent - largely passive For example, (list a negative here such as a basic, passive sentence) _________________________________________________________________________ Writing The quality of the writing on your CV is something that people frequently underestimate. Moreover, it can\\\'t, and often does make a difference. In your case I made the following observations; - The writing is good - The writing is reasonable/average - The writing is need of attention - It is overcomplicated - It is long winded - It is one-dimensional - It is quite matter-of-fact - It is quite uninspiring - It is not very engaging - It include errors - It does not flow - It could be punchier and higher impact Notably, some of your sentences are on the long side and this negatively impacts legibility, presentation, overall first impressions and even the effectiveness of the delivery of your sales message. For example, this sentence is (insert character count) characters long. Sentences of this length tend to deter, rather than engage readers. Our research shows that single line bullet points work best, and 112 characters per line is a better length in terms of engaging the reader and getting your message across. Of course, the actual message is more important than the character count, but the fact remains that best CVs tend to say more but with fewer words. In your case, if you work on your content and the delivery your work achievements to be more proactive and more powerful. _________________________________________________________________________ The competition Most of our clients are managerial level and above (if it is an executive or senior manager this should be changed to senior manager or above - again this can be done automatically), and you will almost certainly be competing against high-calibre candidates; many of whom will be using professionally written CVs. Additionally, you are in which is one of the more competitive sectors. As such your CV needs to be as strong as possible. I would rate your CV as reasonable, but ultimately average in this bracket. ________________________________________________________________________________ Areas for improvement It can be improved on numerous fronts including; - first impressions - presentation - length - wording - structure - focus - channelling of sales message - delivery of sales message And more. If you\\\'d like to find out more about the areas for improvement that I have identified for you then click on the links for more information. ________________________________________________________________________________ Recommendations Some people try to implement improvements themselves, whereas others ask us If you would like our help then we would look to create a clearer and more focused CV for you that sells your skills in a more targeted and higher impact manner; making you come across as someone who is not merely capable, but as a real achiever. We would also optimise your CV for your target jobs. Again, this is something that is very important and can positively influence your job prospects. You can order via this link: There are various options at the very least I would recommend a CV and cover letter. _______________________________________________________________________________ More information There are answers to most common questions in our FAQ section. You may also like to read a bit more about us and why and how we are different to all other CV companies: _______________________________________________________________________________ Contact If you would like to order then you can do this directly online. Alternatively, if you have any questions or queries whatsoever you can email us or call me on _______________________________________________________________________________ Feedback I hope that you and my review useful. As part of our continuous improvement process it would be great if you could complete a very brief questionnaire about your review. It should not take longer than two minutes. If you would like to participate please click here.