Survey question 7:

Our methods are different to other CV companies. Please click here to open a new window to read more about our methods. (you can add a new window with a menu of links that relate to the things below). After browsing our website and reading our pages please indicate what you think about the following statements:

CV Succeed's methods sound better than those of other companies

I agree that a CV is a sales and marketing document

It makes sense to use a CV that ties in with sales and marketing principles

I think that traditional CV writing is flawed

I would rather have a traditional CV than a CV that is based on sales and marketing principles

Your methods sound easy to pull off

I suspect any other company could also write using your methods

I suspect that your methods get better results than traditional methods

If other companies could write to your methods then they almost certainly would

In your own words please let us know what you like or don't like about our methods: