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I’m a member of the Society of Authors, and I was actually advised by one of their representatives to self publish on this project. They give me good reasons for doing this – mainly because not all the clauses in the contract were to my advantage. I’m sure the advice was perfectly correct. Even so, I still decided to pretty much ignore it and sign the contract anyway.

One of the main reasons I did this relates to my initial goals, one of which was to create something that was far better than any other CV book on the market.

For my part, I was confident I had the knowledge, raw material and writing ability to create something pretty unique and hopefully very special. At the same time, I don’t claim to have much publishing experience, and I don’t claim to be the world’s leading book expert.

Yes, if I self published I could well have made a far higher return on each book sale. However, I don’t think the book would have been as good, and I don’t think it would have got to as wide an audience. So ultimately I would not be helping as many people as possible – which would have went against the grain of my initial aims.

So whilst I’m sure that self publishing is great for many people, on this occasion it just was not for me.

Paul (182 Posts)

Paul , top UK CV specialist, head of leading firm CV Succeed, and author of the most pioneering CV book in decades, The One Page CV (published by top career sector publishers Pearson Education).

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