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Top quality CV writing can seem like an impossible task – and depending on how you go about it sometimes it is!

Round Pegs & Square Holes

Working with some CV formats is like trying to bang round pegs in square holes. Yes, presentation is important, but good, relevant and powerful content is even more important. Presentation can help when it comes to enticing an employer to pick up your CV and read it, but it is the content which persuades him/her to pick up the phone and arrange an interview with you (or not as the case may be).

You therefore need to get the balance right. Your format needs to be clear, well structured and presentable, but at the same time it should also allow you to tell the employer the things that he/she needs to hear. Not only that, but the format should give you the possibility of conveying this clearly, concisely and in the strongest possible terms.

Not all CV formats allow you to do this – so just beware!

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