PS Tip 82: Foreign students

Many of the UCAS statements we write are for foreign students, and that’s hardly surprising since on top of everything else they have to write their personal statement in a second or third language.

If you’re a foreign student applying for UK universities through UCAS, there is also one additional question that you have to answer… and sadly you don’t get any additional space in which to do so. The 4000 character, 47-line restriction applies to you, just as it would to UK applicants.

• Why do you want to study in the UK?

There are many reasons for wanting to study in the UK – these could be academic/teaching related, personal reasons, career orientated, or even simply that you like the UK, you know someone or have family in the UK.

Whatever your reasons, make sure you give them, and remember to cite the high quality of UK education as well – It never hurts to massage the ego of your reader.

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