PS Tip 98: Writer’s block – Get over it

We’ve all been there, I promise. Sometimes the words just won’t come – usually when you’re trying to get started.

I hate to say it, but you just have to get over it. The longer you wait, fingers poised over the keyboard, the harder it will be to start. With that in mind, here’s my favourite method for getting over writer’s block:

Just start. Seriously, if you can’t think of a way to begin your personal statement, write a different part. Alternatively, just write your opening paragraph in the worst way imaginable, and keep writing. You’ll get better as you go along, and after a few paragraphs you’ll probably be writing something pretty good. All you have to do now is keep going, and when you’re done, circle back round and re-write the beginning.

Writer’s block is the thief of time, and it can turn a one-evening assignment into a weeklong nightmare – trust me on that.

So if you feel it happening to you… Just start. It doesn’t matter what you write first, or how bad it is.

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