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The Power of Professional CV Writers

Q. Why do people employ professional CV writers?

A. Many people are great at their job – it’s just that not everyone is equally as talented when it comes to selling their skills on paper. This can be for a variety of reasons. Some people just aren’t writers, some people lack creativity, and some people just lack the knowledge and experience to express to employers just what they can do in the role that their competitors can’t.

Although most people are more than capable of writing standards CVs, creating something to the next level (i.e. something that sells the right skills in a far more focused and higher-impact manner) is a totally different kettle of fish. CV writing at that level is a very specialist skill. Many professional people realise this. They also realise the advantages that a top quality CV can give them in the job market.

Q. Are there other reasons why people employ CV writers?

A. Yes. Convenience is one. For example, most of our clients are busy professionals who would rather pay a top UK specialist to do the job properly for them, rather than spend several hours themselves creating something that is unlikely to make employers sit up and take any notice.

Some people think of engaging professional writers in terms of costs, and opt to write their own DIY CV instead. However, many other people see it in terms of an investment in their career and ultimately their future. And a top quality CV can pay for itself time and again throughout your career.

Q. Who uses professional CV writers?

A. More people than you probably realise!

Some job-seekers are surprised to hear that their competitors use professional CV writers to boost their job prospects. Indeed, sometimes the penny only drops after numerous failed applications and a friendly word of advice from a well-wisher.

Notably, it’s not just the likes of students and first-time job-seekers who engage professional writers to give them an advantage, but also the likes of senior managers, executives, HR directors, career organisation heads and communication chiefs all make the most of CV writing services to boost their odds in the job market.

Indeed, if anything, the higher you go up the career ladder, the more likely it is you will be competing against competitors with professionally written CVs.

If you have been using a DIY CV for your job applications, but they have been unsuccessful then your CV could well be the root of the problem.

Q. Are all professional CV writers the same?

A. No!

Just as in any sector, the quality of CV writers varies enormously. Bottom-end writers are sometimes guilty of just quickly copying and pasting, and filling in the blanks of a template, sometimes paying only scant attention to key elements such as spelling, grammar and relevancy. Whereas, at the other extreme, top quality CV writers tend not only to be better qualified and more experienced but also far more quality-orientated and customer focused. In between those extremes, the bulk of CV writers tend to do a reasonable job of making some improvements; albeit not necessarily dramatic and holistic improvements.

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Q. Do all professional CV writers produce the same CV?

A. No!

The quality of CV varies enormously depending on the writer.
Your CV is only ever going to be as good as the writer!

(And some writers even make things worse rather than better!)

Q. How can professional CV writers help you?

A. In various ways.

But as touched upon above, it really depends on the writer in question.

Most professional CV writers can help make your CV more presentable, and some also help with things such as minor rewording and superficial improvements. This includes things like formatting issues, spell checks, and reordering of sections etc.

At the same time, it should be said that most CV companies tend to make relatively minor changes, rather than whole-scale, holistic improvements.

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