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Most people send CVs by email these days, but if you want to apply the traditional way we can help your application stand out!

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CV Printing Service

Many people have a printer at home these days, and can print out their own CVs. But in the present day of ever-evolving digital technology where we can send messages, texts and emails in a matter of seconds, do we really need to print at all?

Nowadays, we are living in a world where faster is seen as better. We’re also constantly seeing in the media that costs, waste and carbon footprint need to be effectively managed in order to protect our environment. However, there are some schools of thought that think traditional printing has some advantages that email cannot provide:

  • CVs sent by email can get “lost in space”, never arriving into a prospective employer’s inbox, or sits in spam.
  • If a CV is send by mail, physical addresses are more easily verified than email addresses. People are more willing to check their mail as it is so rare nowadays to be sent a letter through post.
  • Traditional mail can be tracked via a tracking service provided by the delivery company you choose. Once you know your CV has been signed for, you have the security of knowing it has actually arrived at the place you sent it to. You can then follow up with a phone call to the appropriate person, quoting your tracking number if necessary.
  • Grammar and spelling errors can sometimes be reduced, and some people feel they can check their work more easily with a hard copy instead of rattling off an email. How many of us have pressed the “send” button without checking our draft properly and then flown into a panic when we realise an error has been made?
  • Another argument for printing is that it can make us better prepared for every opportunity! Have a few CVs printed off and keep one or two with you at all times – and you never know when that networking or marketing opportunity will come along. The norm would be for a potential headhunter/employer to ask you to email them your CV the next day. By then the momentum is gone. If you already have a copy with you it will be fresh in their minds to actually do something with it.

There are various printers on the market to purchase. And if you’re looking to print out your own CV then it is important to generate a high quality copy – if you want a professional looking document (which you should). Good laser printers are ideal for this – they can produce sharp, fine black text that is easy to read and produce a higher resolution than other printers. Some printers are prone to producing prints which appear smudged because they use liquid ink. Printers using laser melt solid toner onto the paper, subsequently avoiding this problem. However, a good laser printer can be expensive and you need to decide if it is worth purchasing depending on how much you are intending to print. If you weigh up the pros and cons and decide you don’t really need a printer most of the time, then we can help you when it comes to printing your CV.

It is also absolutely essential to use good quality paper when sending your CV. The higher the GSM number (Grams per Square Meter) the heavier the paper.

If you want your CV printed out on good quality paper using a laser printer, we do offer this service. The price is £10 for the 10 copies or £20 for 30 copies.

The same applies with envelopes. We also offer good-quality matching envelopes for an additional £5 or £10 respectively.

If you would like to take advantage of this service please contact us

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