Interview Preparation Tips and Advice

Interview Preparation is wise to do because it gives you a chance to be able to get into the head of a potential employer and ace the interview.

Interviews, for a lot of people, are the hardest part of a job search. But with a little preparation, you can ace the interview and secure your desired job.

Interview Preparation: These days, with financial challenges, and increasing lack of employment, every interviewee needs to be certain that they are doing their best at each interview. It can often be a challenge to anticipate when you might have an interview, so you need to prepare yourself for everything well in advance. Sound impossible?

Check out these tips to get you ready for any kind of interview.

Get ready for the Skype call

These days, many job and business interviews take place over Skype. As someone looking to be employed, you need to be sure your Skype interview strikes the right chords. Get online 30 minutes before your interview is scheduled, and amongst other things check your internet connection is sound.

Also be sure you look just as presentable as you would if this was a one on one interview. Ensure that your camera is working properly and look to see what your environment looks like on camera. Ensure the area the camera can see is clean, tidy, and free of any personal items. Also make sure the environment is silent, and that you won’t be disturbed. After that, you’re set to go.

Getting the phone interview right

This substitute interview strategy is being used more and more by companies hoping to save time and reduce their list of applicants. That being said, it’s essential that you make a good impact as quickly as you can. Use a reliable phone (landline is best if you have access to one) and turn off your call waiting. Calm your nerves, and speak slowly clearly to make a better impression.

No Interrupting

When using the phone or Skype, it can sometimes be a challenge to know the appropriate protocol, but as a general guideline you should never disrupt the interviewer. You’ll want to come across as willing and passionate. You do not need to go over the top, but at least you sound interested in the questions being asked. Be as prepared for your phone interview as you would for a one on one. Prepare questions, take notes, and be confident.

This is just a brief review of some of the things that you can do to prepare yourself for an interview. Keep in mind the questions you have thought or in advance, and don’t rush your answers. Most significantly stay relaxed, collected, and try to be yourself. If you do just that and are right for the job anyway, then this should come across positively.

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