PS Tip 91: History personal statement

Writing a history personal statement is very much about selling your enthusiasm for the subject matter. If you’re genuinely excited and enthused by history, you’ll probably have done a huge amount of personal reading, research and even travel to further your knowledge. If that’s the case, you’ve already got a huge amount of material for your personal statement.

I would certainly include what you’ve learned from school and college history courses, as well as any other relevant subjects, but the real driver here is your passion. Thankfully, if you’re passionate about history, that should shine through in your writing if you’ve been paying close attention to the earlier tips.

You’ll still need to answer the basic questions required by UCAS, and do it well, but in this instance your enthusiasm and passion, if conveyed correctly, will go a long way to covering both why you want to study the course, and why you’re a good candidate.

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