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We have the best writers and our special in-house developed CV writing techniques mean that we can (and regularly do) improve upon CVs written by any other CV company.

If you send us your CV that was written by any other company and we can’t make some (or in many cases all) of the following improvements then we will be happily give you your money back.

We can…

  • Make your CV more concise (if it is long)
  • Optimise it to your target job more
  • Refine cluttered multiline achievements down to neat single bullets
  • Improve the legibility factor
  • Improve the relevance
  • Make your achievements more proactive
  • Focus your sales message more

Whilst it isn’t physically possible to put a guarantee on subjective and unquantifiable aspects, such as presentation, most clients nevertheless comment that they are delighted with the way their new CV looks and stands out from the crowd more.

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