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Some people underestimate the significance of a resignation letter. Find out some of the reasons why here…

Why should you contemplate matters before writing a resignation letter?

There are several reasons for this. Firstly, if you resign in the heat of the moment (as many people do), and don’t go about things the right way it could backfire on you.

For example, when people are emotionally charged frequently they write with their heart, not their head, and sometimes this means that they say things that they subsequently wish they hadn’t. And once the letter lands on your current employer’s desk, it is too late to do anything about it, and you can’t just take your words back.

Another consideration is that sometimes people resign on the basis of misunderstandings, a lack of communication, or issues which, while at the time seemed very serious, upon reflection in the cold light of day, don’t seem all that bad after all.

Once you resign, that’s it. And it may be a while before you find another job (and especially if your current employer does not give you good references based upon what you said in your resignation letter).

Consequently, it does pay to think before you resign, and if you are set on resigning, then you are better off doing it in a professional and considered manner.

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