Even more to-ing and fro-ing

The next stage involves the editor going through the whole book and making suggestions for changes and alterations. I must admit I was somewhat surprised, and quite disappointed when she suggested that various sections and even the longest chapter in the book should be scrapped. I was especially disappointed about the longest chapter being scrapped, because they decided to omit that chapter even without reading it. The chapter was all about CV writing companies in general, and giving the user more information on things they don’t normally think of or know about if and when they decide to explore the option of choosing a professional CV company.

I actually think it was very interesting chapter, and would have given readers some incisive food for thought. However, the publishers get to decide, and it was their decision to not include such a chapter in case it was deemed to promote one company over and above any others. As a matter of fact, this wasn’t the case, and the chapter was written objectively, and with no one specific company even mentioned.

But that is of little relevance now, as the decision was taken out of my hands.Not only that, but I was also asked to write a variety of new sections, as well as make numerous big changes and small tweaks.

There would be more burning the midnight oil….!

Paul (182 Posts)

Paul , top UK CV specialist, head of leading firm CV Succeed, and author of the most pioneering CV book in decades, The One Page CV (published by top career sector publishers Pearson Education).

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