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Our base

We are based in the UK.

Who do we help?

Whilst many of our clients live in the UK our reputation precedes us and we regularly help international clients from all around the world in places including Europe, North America, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australasia. While most of our clients are managerial level and above, we do also help clients at all levels from graduates and first-time job seekers upwards.

Our language

Some of our team do speak French and German, but we are not native French/German speakers. We are native English speakers and write in English. Occasionally we do receive requests for CVs in other languages including French, German and Spanish. In cases like this we find that the best solution for the customer is to firstly create the CV ourselves in English, and then to engage a professional translator to translate the CV into the target language. We do have relations with translators, and can usually help arrange things.

Languages of our clients

Since we help clients from all around the world the native languages of our customers is wide and varied and includes French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Swedish, Dutch, Russian, Hebrew, Swahili, and many other languages.

Common problems with CVs from overseas clients

In general we find that there are numerous problems with CVs of overseas clients. Some problems have their roots in geographical convention to some degree. For example, the CVs of certain countries tend to be far too long, too cluttered and way overcomplicated, whereas CVs originating from some other countries tend to be far too simplistic.

Another common issue with CVs of overseas clients is that frequently the format is out of sync with what employers are looking for. For example, if you are currently residing abroad, but are looking for work in the UK, then your CV not only needs to be in perfect English, but it also needs to be in an appropriate UK format. Frequently this isn’t the case. However, this is just one of numerous frequent problems. In addition to CV format, the all-important content is usually lacking in several areas.

Notably, pretty much everyone who comes to us has a CV which undersells themselves, and no one who comes to us has a CV that is properly optimised. This applies across the board, and these kind of issues also apply to CVs of native English speakers too. The problem is exacerbated for non-native English speakers because while the level of English is usually good, if not excellent, they tend to be some issues with the language nevertheless. This can include spelling mistakes, grammatical errors as well as the flow, cohesiveness and delivery of the language and all-important sales message. Additionally sometime in the language is very one-dimensional, not very engaging, and rather basic.

It should be noted that the English of some of overseas clients is sometimes better than that of typical native English speakers. Even so, we find that the English can be improved on pretty much every CV that comes to us. For example, if a CV is too basic thing we can substantiate it. On the other hand, if it is too complicated, we can refine it down, rationalise the message, and effectively say more, but in fewer (carefully chosen) words.

Each case is different, but generally we make many improvements with pretty much every CV; including the grammar and quality of the English.

How can we help you?

As mentioned, each case is different, but it you send us your CV we can examine it and advise you. Indeed we can give you an indication in advance of the kind of improvements you can expect.

If you would like a free CV review, please click here.

Alternatively, we have never once received a CV that we could not improve, usually dramatically, and if you would like to just order directly online then you can do so by starting on this page.


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