Do you create Europass CVs?

Yes, we have extensive experience with Europass CVs.

99% of clients specifically request us to change their Europass CV into a much better, far more marketable format. This is something we can do without any difficulty whatsoever as the Europass format is inherently flawed, and just changing the format alone pretty much by default makes the CV more fit for purpose in the commercial job market and more effective when it comes to job applications. At the same time, we do go well beyond mere formatting, and also make improvements on every other level too for clients including substantiating and focusing their sales message as well as optimising the CV for their target job.

The other 1% of clients come to us for help doing things the other way around; namely changing their current CV format into a Europass format. This isn’t recommended for normal job applications with commercial employers, and especially in competitive markets such as the UK job market. However, some institutions such as the UN sometimes specifically ask for Europass CVs, in which case we can (and do) create them.

You can order by the button below. Just order your CV as normal and request it in Europass format once you have ordered if you would like it in that format.