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The difference between professional and DIY CVs

Writing your CV is something of a paradox.

Most people’s jobs don’t involve much writing, and even if they do it’s almost never required to be persuasive.

They write emails, reports, and project documents for example, and usually in quite a matter of fact fashion.

So it’s hardly surprising that most people don’t do themselves justice when it comes to writing their curriculum vitae. Often candidates simply download a template from a recruitment site, fill it in as best they can, and send it off.

It is a means to an end, but it certainly isn’t the most effective way to apply the jobs.

It’s true that professional CVs are almost always more structured and presentable than this DIY approach, and of course that means better first impressions. And that’s great, but it’s not the whole story.

The main advantage of a top professional CV is in the quality of the writing.

And sure, most people can write about their work history, and include a few relevant skills and examples. They can even (usually) demonstrate that their experience is in line with the requirements of the post.

But it’s not enough.

Gone are the days when there were more jobs than people. The job market is competitive, often fiercely so, and sometimes arguably even unfairly.

This is one reason why hiring a top professional CV writer can often be a great investment, especially when you weigh the cost against the potential upside of progressing your career (and your salary).

Our professional CV writers have spent years honing their craft, practicing the science and art of persuasive, high-impact, achievement oriented CV writing. Moreover, we have also developed our own high-impact methods. Our expertise can make the difference between your CV being ‘just another’, and being the one that stands out from the crowd and gets you interviews for better jobs.

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