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You wouldn’t think your CV can help you when it comes to job interviews – but ours can!

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Your CV and Job Interviews

Most people don’t really associate their CV as a tool/asset when it comes to interviews. However, our CVs tend to be just that.

Firstly, we know our CVs help clients land more interviews (a huge asset in itself).

Secondly, just about all of our clients undersell themselves in their original CV. Consequently, pretty much by default we need to substantiate their CV, and help clients sell himself/herself more powerfully on paper. Frequently, this involves us liaising with the client and asking questions to reveal significant sales points that they were hitherto unaware of. Frequently, our consultation process is an awakening in many respects for clients, as they not only see their CV improve before their very eyes, but also see their sales message and marketability in the job market improve too.

Thirdly, (and following on from the above point), all of this is not insignificant, because clients can draw from these revelations, and use them to their advantage when it comes to job interviews. Indeed, many clients find the CV we write for them to be an extremely useful revision/preparation document to use as a tool before they go to the interview.

Fourthly, frequently interviewers refer to CVs when it comes to interviewing clients. Some of the things they look for is how likely they are to be able to do the job, whether or not they have the personal traits to fit their organisation, and how well they fare against the other competitors. We write CVs very much with the employer, and these kind of questions, in mind. Consequently, when the employer reads your CV he/she should already have a very strong inkling that not only should you fit in well with their organisation and be able to do the job, but you should be able to do the job better than the competition. In many cases our CV can give you a head start even before you step in the room.

Fifthly, some interviewers also like to pick holes in CVs, and especially if they can identify lies and untruths. This may adversely affect the prospects of many candidates’ CVs, but not ours. We always encourage clients to tell the truth on their CV, and the way we write we highlight your positives in such a way that clients tend not to feel the need to resort to underhand (and potentially disastrous) tactics.

All in all, while many CVs don’t really help their owners when it comes to job interviews, ours certainly can (and frequently do).

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