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Q. Where do most people go wrong with their CV?
A. I know this may sound a bit strange but I think sometimes people get so caught up with the nitty-gritty, that they forget about the big things. A lot of people come to us for help don’t even realise it but they don’t even have the big important things right on their CV, let alone the minor details. Little wonder then that their original CV wasn’t working. By big things I mean things such as having a strong and focused sales message. It’s such an obvious thing, but many people don’t even have that to begin with.

Q. What is the one biggest mistake people make?
A. I think if you asked most advisers they would probably say something like ‘not checking the spelling or grammar.’ However, I don’t really see it like that. In the whole scheme of things spelling, although a factor, is relatively minor, besides, these days a lot of people use spellcheckers.

Personally, I think the biggest mistake people make is to fail to understand what a CV actually is. Most people think it is a factual, a historical document that chronicles their work history. It isn’t. A CV is essentially a sales and marketing document, and if you want the best results you need to treat it as such, and create it with that in mind. Most people, including many professional CV writers I might add, somehow fail to cotton on to this fundamental fact.

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Paul , top UK CV specialist, head of leading firm CV Succeed, and author of the most pioneering CV book in decades, The One Page CV (published by top career sector publishers Pearson Education).

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