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Thank you very much for this comprehensive feedback on my queries. You have most definitely satisfied my desire to understand the greater logic behind the changes.

A. Vanderwalt

Updates & Amendments

Again and again

Many clients come back to us further down the line (sometimes several times over the course of numerous years) to update their CV for a different job that was outside of the initial remit, or for other jobs as and when they rise up the career ladder. As you can imagine, we do need to charge for additional work like this, but we do always heavily discount subsequent update work for existing clients. As such, many clients come back to us time and again to help them progress in their career and land not just the next job, but subsequent jobs in the future.

Once we send out your CV

Rest assured, we don’t just forget about you the moment we send you that first prepared draft and let you get on with it! On the contrary, we are there for you not just in the short term, but also for the long haul throughout your career journey.

Amendments within the initial remit

You should be highly delighted with the very first draft of your CV, and most clients are. However, if you feel your CV needs amendments when we send it to you, simply email us details of what you think needs changing and we will be happy to make amendments for you. Moreover, amendments that are directly related to the initial remit come as part of our free after sales service.

Format Amendments

By default we put your CV in our popular default format as advertised on our website. It’s tried and tested to get sales message across more effectively so we certainly don’t expect you to want to change it, but if you do have another format that you prefer then if you send your consultant the editable version we can give you a quotation for the extra work to convert it. That said, our format came top in our tests for good reason and you should find that other formats have numerous drawbacks including making your CV longer, more cluttered and less enticing to read.

Subsequent amendments further down the line

Your CV is a dynamic document that should be updated throughout your career or when your career circumstances change. For example, it should be updated not just when you change jobs, but also when you have your achievements or are looking for a change in direction (or a move higher up the career ladder).

Surprisingly, a lot of CVs are submitted for jobs without being updated. You need to be careful with this, especially with the employment/career history section. If this is not revised it can be misinterpreted or suggest to the employer that you lack attention to detail. For example, some employers may think that you are trying to pull the wool over their eyes, or that you are simply too lazy to update. Neither scenario is productive!

Past and present

It’s not just the present that you have to update, you also need to think about the past. As the years go by and you gain experience and climb the career ladder you need to think about expressing this on your CV, and especially if you want your career to keep moving in an upward direction.

Importance of regular updates

It is important to update your CV regularly as soon as things change within your career. Get into the habit of looking at your CV every 6-12 months to see if anything requires updating – you never know when a job opportunity will arise.

At CV Succeed we find that many clients choose us as their trusted partner to assist them throughout their continued career success – we would be happy to help you too!

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