CV Tip 13-24

Tip 13

Once you have a better idea about your target, the next step is to think about your strategy for the CV. And yes you did hear right – strategy!

Tip 14

Think about the employer, and consider what he/she will be looking for in a candidate.

Tip 15

Similarly, think about whether or not the employer has any specific criteria/preconceptions about what they are looking for in a CV.

Tip 16

Most employers won’t mention specific requirements for a CV in their job specification, but some do so just beware. If something specific is mentioned then you should adhere to it. Check the advertisement and/or specification just in case.

Tip 17

For example, on rare occasions employers might ask you to write using a specific CV format, or include certain information on your CV. However, as mentioned most employers don’t do this and give you more of a free reign. In which case, talking of format you should use the most effective format.

Tip 18

Take a look at your CV and assess just how good/bad the format is.

Tip 19

Don’t take a long look at it – you need to put yourself in the employer’s shoes, and do what he/she will do, and sum up your first general impressions within just a few short seconds.

Assess it for 5 or 6 seconds maximum.

Tip 20

Be honest with yourself.

Tip 21

Ask yourself whether it is too long?

Tip 22

Ask yourself whether it is too cluttered?

Tip 23

Ask yourself whether it is too complicated?

Tip 24

Ask yourself whether it makes a good or bad first impression?

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