CV Tip 90-100

Tip 90

As mentioned, some standard advice is good (whereas a lot of it is flawed). Some good standard advice includes the need to your CV to be no longer than two pages, and also the following;

Tip 91

Be honest

Tip 92

Don’t over exaggerate

Tip 93

At the same time a lot of standard advice includes (as mentioned) many myths including the need to include gender, marital status, driving ability etc. Other myths include ;

Tip 94

The need to include company profiles (so ignore this myth).

Tip 95

The need to include all previous jobs roles, each separated out (so ignore this myth).

Tip 96

The need to write rigidly to a set format. If you do that you will come unstuck, because each job is different, and you will find that the best results come when you approach each application flexibly.

Tip 97

Some recruiters will have you believe that employers are fixated upon every tiny trivial little things on your CV, such as whether or not you include every last IT programme you are familiar with. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Employers are primarily concerned about the big important things you do include, rather than the tiny less relevant things you don’t. Just remember that.

Tip 98

Another important thing to remember then is that before you implement any advice you should weigh up the consequences, as sometimes these can be counterproductive. Advisers with little or no CV writing experience usually do not understand (or even consider) the knock-on effects of certain suggestions. So if you follow some advice willy-nilly you may end up with a CV that is e.g. too long, too cluttered, and too confusing to be effective when put in front of a real employer.

Tip 99

Remember that this is just a list of 100 tips, and as such, it can’t possibly include everything. On the contrary, it just highlights and briefly summarises a fraction of the things that you really need to know if you really want to write a fantastic CV. There is a lot more to good CV writing than meets the eye. And hopefully this will have given you some food for thought, but if you want to know more (and a lot more at that) then…

Tip 100

The last TOP TIP is to check out The One Page CV, it only costs a few pounds and should help you improve your CV beyond all recognition. You’ve nothing to lose and so much to gain…

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I hope you found this helpful.

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