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Feedback from CV review clients

Very helpful thanks. It has certainly given me a lot of food for thought.!
Alison, Essex

It took a few days before I got my appraisal, but I guess it is free after all. Overall the advice given was a mixture of common sense, pointing out some things I had mistakenly overlooked, and some useful tips and information that I hadn’t thought of.

I got the impression that Peter had done his homework and checked my CV and gave advice that was relevant to me and my own CV. I was actually a touch surprised by this because I was half expecting something very general and quickly cobbled together. However, that wasn’t the case. Peter took the time to speak to me and also write out some notes. Overall, certainly a worthwhile experience, and I’m glad I asked for it.
Grace, London

Very helpful! thanks for this
Hanifah, Kuwait

Even though I was already more or less aware of some of the issues with my CV (just turning a blind eye to them), I still found this review service very helpful. Peter identified some problems that are obvious in retrospect, but which I didn’t really think about beforehand. The comments go a long way to explaining why my CV hasn’t been working, and it’s good to know that the issue may not be me, but my pretty worn and tired C.V. Really the only regret I have is not getting this CV review done before I had sent out over 50 applications over the last couple of months. It would have made a lot more sense to do it that way round!

Thank you for your time and your advice
Chris, Surrey

This is the first time I’ve asked for a second opinion on my CV from someone who wasn’t a friend or family member. I must say, it was a bit of an eye-opener,and I’m glad I did it. The advice was good, and the links look helpful. Now to improve my CV!
Abdul, Dubai

Thank you Peter, that’s very helpful indeed!
Daniel, UK

I spoke to Peter and he also gave me some advice over the telephone as well as some written notes, and I found this very useful, thank you.

I found it all quite refreshing, and especially in comparison to two other reviews that I have had elsewhere from other companies. The other reviews were very sales orientated in comparison, and I didn’t really feel comfortable with them, or some of the OTT figures they were quoting. Peter, on the other hand, came across as not only friendlier, but also more genuine and more knowledgeable.

Similarly, I found it refreshing that it wasn’t just a case of ‘your CV is beyond hope and only we can fix it.’ On the contrary, I was also given links to help pages that tied in with areas that could be improved on my CV. I only clicked on a couple of them, and they look good, and I’m sure they will be of benefit to those people who want to do it themselves, but by then I had already decided that I’d like CV Succeed to help me with my CV. For me, it wasn’t just the advice that they gave that helped swing this decision as much as the thorough and professional way they went about things from the first point of contact onwards.
Suzanne, Switzerland

Many thanks for this. Some home truths there to consider and act upon.
Simon, London

Very helpful and much appreciated!
Liam, USA

Very good, and especially considering it’s free!
Penelope, Northern Ireland

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