CV Competition : Question 4

If you win this competition you will be a proud new owner of a top quality professional CV, as opposed to a more standard DIY curriculum vitae.

But do you know what the differences are between a DIY CV and a professional CV?

One page on our website highlights some of these things.

Question three is this:
The main advantage of a professionally written CV is in the what?

Hint: the answer includes four words
q_______ o___ t___ w______

Tip: to help you find the page in question
1> please click to go to our home page
2> go to the FAQ tab
3> hover over 'professional CVs'
4> choose ' professional vs DIY CVs' from the submenu
5> If you read that page you should find the answer to this question

Once you have done that, please enter the answer in the box, and click next.