CV Competition : Question 2

A lot of people are confused by certain aspects of CVs, including which sections should or shouldn't be included, as well as how useful particular sections are (or aren't as the case may be). Our CV tutorials pages gives tips and advice on this. In amongst other things it mentions various pieces of the CV writing jigsaw.

Tip: to help you find a page that will help you answer the question
1> please click to open a google search page
2> search for 'CV Succeed CV tutorials'
3> choose the CV Succeed page "CV Writing Tutorials Overview" link from the list. This will take you to a section on our website detailing CV writing advice.
4> Go through and read the CV help pages until you come to the 'structure overview' section.

On that page it mentions for pieces of the dynamic CV jigsaw; impressions, sales message, length and something else.

Question two is what is the other piece of the jigsaw?

Please enter this in the box below. Before continuing with the competition questions we would recommend that you continue reading the CV help pages, as you should find these informative. Once you have done that please click next to proceed.