Competition Information and Criteria

You are very welcome to enter the competition, but before you do please just read the following to ensure that you meet the criteria.

What is the competition?
In essence, the competition is a bit of fun about CV writing, with the added bonus of a very valuable prize for the winners.

The competition involves answering 6 questions and a tiebreaker. Answers to all the questions can be found on our website, and to help you out yet further, clues as to where to find the answers are given.

Is there just one winner?
We are aiming to run the competition monthly, so hopefully there will be lots of winners as time goes on.

Do applicants need to be based in the UK?
Not necessarily, we help people from all around the world, and this competition is also open to anyone, and from any country.

Can anyone enter the competition?
Yes, anyone can enter, and as mentioned it is a bit of fun, and you should also learn about top quality CV writing in the process. So it is something that you can enjoy and learn from, with the potential of a valuable prize at the end.

At the same time, while anyone can enter the competition (and learn and have some fun along the way), there are some restrictions as to who can actually win, and certain people are excluded.

Please see below for more details.

Who can win the prize?
We have specifically created this competition to help out those in most need; primarily this is first time job applicants, students and new graduates, and those who normally work in low paid jobs but have been unemployed for over a year.

Students, the unemployed and first-time job seekers generally have less disposable income at hand to invest in a top quality CV. The CV Succeed Win a Free CV competition has been created to give such people a helping hand when it comes to gaining that all-important next foothold in their professional career development.

Whilst the winners will be drawn from those entrants, everyone else is still welcome to enter, and everyone should learn during the process.

Can I enter multiple times?
If you entered in a previous month but didn’t win, then you are welcome to enter again.

However, you can’t enter twice in the same month’s competition.

What about others, such as those already in jobs – can you help these?
The competition is all about helping the most needy, as such it is restricted to those categories mentioned above. At the same time, even if you don’t fit into any of the above categories we can still certainly help you – and like no one else! Indeed, our unique and top quality CV writing services are geared up helping you succeed in climbing the career ladder. We have an outstanding record of success. Moreover, our prices are extremely attractive considering the advantages we give our clients over their competitors in today’s aggressive job market. Indeed, CV Succeed CVs are frequently seen by customers as excellent investments.

If you don’t qualify for competition, we would still be delighted to help you move up the career ladder, and details of our top quality professional curriculum vitae writing services are available by clicking here.

What if I am a student with part-time work experience?
If you have only been working part-time during your course then you are still eligible to enter the competition.

If you meet all the criteria, (or even if you don’t but still want to have some fun with the questions) please click the ‘Continue to Competition’ button to enter the competition.

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