Survey question 8:

Unlike other CV companies, our methods have their roots in sales and marketing principles, and we write in a special way so that we say more, but in few words. Please click here to open a new window to find out more (you can add a new window with a menu of links that relate to the things below). After browsing our website and reading our pages please indicate what you think about the following statements:

A shorter CV sounds better than along on

I think a one-page CV is best

I don't believe anyone can say more but in fewer words

I believe CV succeed when they say they can say more but in fewer words

One-page CVs are the easiest to write

Career change CVs are the hardest to write

One page CVs probably take the least time to write

Other companies can probably write a one-page CV the way CV Succeed does

It is impossible to fit all of my achievements in just one page

It does not take much skill to refine a CV down to just one page

Neat single line bullets and achievements are the most effective of all

It is more difficult to write to space constraints than it is to write without them

I believe one page CVs can have a higher impact than longer CVs

It doesn't matter how long each achievement is

In your own words please let us know what you think about our assertion that we tend to say more, but in fewer words than other companies: