Question 4 : Last question!

Many people come to us for help with a personal statement. Sometimes they require a personal statement for university undergraduate and postgraduate courses, whereas other clients require help with a personal statement for a job.

Not all jobs require a personal statement, however it is particularly prevalent in certain sectors, and statements can be required at all levels from students right up to executives.

We have a personal statement help section on our website giving tips and useful information.

Question four relates to our tip on how to end a personal statement. In this if we say that you shouldn't end your statement by doing something.

What is the thing you should not do when ending your personal statement?

We are looking for a two word answer

r______________ e______________

Tip: to find the answer you can follow the path below

1> click to open our homepage
2> click on the 'career help and advice index' link
3> go to the personal statement tips action
4> from here you can either click on the first tip and read through them until you come to the advice about ending statements, or alternatively you could click on the 'how to end a personal statement' link. It's up to you which you choose, but you will learn a lot more about personal statement writing if you go through the tips.

Once you have the answer please enter it in the box below and click next.