Question 3

LinkedIn is an integral part of many people's career development armoury these days. It isn't just a social media platform for career professionals looking to network, it also offers other potential benefits including job searches, and the opportunity for employers to find and contact you directly.

The quality (or otherwise) of your LinkedIn profile is frequently pivotal to your success (or otherwise) when it comes to taking advantage of LinkedIn.

We have a useful and informative LinkedIn help section on the CV Succeed website. You should find this helpful, and particularly because there is more to LinkedIn profile writing than meets the eye.

On the 'getting found' page for our LinkedIn tips section it mentions something that is only 'half the battle.'

Question three is 'what is that thing that is only half the battle?'

We are looking for a five word answer.

s_____   u___   i___  t___   S______

Tip: to find the right page:

1> click to open our homepage
2> click on the ' free career help and advice index' link
3> Find the 'LinkedIn Guide' section
4> Choose the first option and go through the tips until you find the one about getting found. You should find the answer to this question on that page.

When you have found it you can place the answer in the box below and click next.