Question 2

There is a fun quiz on our website about CVs.

  • Open a google search page
  • Search for 'CV Succeed curriculum vitae lessons overview'
  • Choose the CV Succeed page "CV Writing Tutorials Overview" link from the list. This will take you to a section on our website detailing CV writing advice.
  • Once you have done that please just click on the 'quiz' icon. This is on the left.

The quiz is a bit of fun, but also with a serious side, and it has been written to help people improve their CV knowledge. Please do have a go at completing the quiz. It is multiple choice and quick and easy to do. You can also check your score at the end, and see how well you fare compared with others.

One of the quiz questions asks how effective CV objectives sections are.

Please take note of this because this is also question two in this competition:

How effective are CV objectives?

That is the question. We are looking for a four word answer.

Once you have the answer please put it in the box below and click 'next'.