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What We Say

When it comes to engineering CVs for good jobs we are in a league of our own!

The best professional CV service for civil engineers

We are confident that we provide the best civil engineer CV service available anywhere, at any price. We can help you, and like no other professional curriculum vitae writing service firm.

Why us?

Ultimately, this boils down to our very special writers, our unique writing methods and our exceptional customer service.

Specialist writers

Our civil engineering CV service is led by Norman, who is highly qualified with a master’s degree and has extensive international civil engineering experience, including consultancy experience.

You can read more about our very special team here. Whilst all of our team have experience writing civil engineering CVs for clients in the UK and internationally, Norman is in particular demand, given his civil engineering industry background combined with his vast CV writing experience.

Who do we write for?

Whilst most of our civil engineer clients are based in the UK we do help civil engineers and civil engineering managers/senior managers in all parts of the world including countries such as Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, UAE, USA, Afghanistan, Russia, Nigeria, South Africa, Germany and many other places all around the globe.

What can we do for you?

The short answer is we can dramatically improve your job prospects!

Good civil engineering jobs are fiercely contested, and our top quality, fully optimised CVs are tried and tested to help give you a clear advantage over your competitors.

In addition to professional CV writing, we also create top-quality cover letters and LinkedIn profiles for clients.

If you also require a personal statement as part of your job application process then again this is something we offer.

How do we help you improve your job prospects?

Effectively this boils down to giving you the best possible CV and covering letter. We have vast experience helping clients sell their skills to the maximum, as well as optimising their CV to attract the attention of civil engineer employers and address what they are looking for. Part of the trick is knowing what they are looking for. However, that is only half the battle. The best CVs sell your skills to the optimum, but do so in a very succinct, focused and structured manner. This is quite a specialist area, and is very difficult to achieve. Fortunately for you, Norman and his team not only can, but frequently do exactly this for our clients on a regular basis.

Are there any other companies offering civil engineering CVs?

Yes, there are other professional writing companies out there, and if you are looking for expert help then it is entirely up to you which company you go to. However, please just be aware that just as with everything else, you get what you pay for. Moreover, if you do go elsewhere then there is usually an unknown factor in that many companies tend to hide the identity of their writers, rather than tell you up front who will be writing your CV. Similarly, many companies seem shy when it comes to explaining what specialisms their consultants have, how much writing experience they have, and how qualified they are (or aren’t as the case may be).

Other differences include the presence (or not) of any guarantees, and if so the quality of such guarantees.

With this in mind the next paragraph elaborates on this…

Do other companies offer the same guarantee that CV Succeed does?

No !

CV Succeed’s guarantee is unique and very special. No company, anywhere in the world guarantees that their CV will be better than ours. We, on the other hand, guarantee that your CV will be better than any other professional CV, written by any other company anywhere in the world (and even can’t tell you how in advance). Please click here for more details.

Too good to be true?

Not at all – we regularly improve CVs and covering letters written by other companies. If you have had your CV written elsewhere previously, just send it to us and we will tell you up front just what can be improved (this is usually numerous things). Moreover, in the unlikely event that we can’t improve it then we will give you a full refund.

Now if that doesn’t give you peace of mind, and if that is not a fantastic reason to use our service then we don’t know what is!